By Timothy Bovee

Born 1946

Just as happy as a clam.
Without a doubt, I am, I am.
It is a fact, to say the least,
Clam seems a very joyous beast.
You've never seen with your own eye
A maudlin clam break down and cry,
For Clam Law says when Clam is down
Clam must clam up and never frown.
A clam's mouth spreads immensely wide
From the eastern hinge to the western side.
But is it really a clammy grin
Or a gate that beckons, come all, come in?
The clammish life--it really sucks
For plankton doesn't come in trucks.
No clam can be a true aesthete;
Clam's deconstruction: Slurp and Eat.
If Clam would claim his real birthright
He'd live a life not quite so trite.
He'd burst out in a bubbly roar,
"I am a bloody carnivore!"
He eats them raw, although in truth,
Clamkind has not a single tooth
To a prideful clam comes a day surreal
When Clam becomes another's meal.
Though baked in sorrow, Clam wears a smile
That lingers for a longish while.
As does the clam, then so do I.
In shadows deep, I never sigh.
Without a doubt, I am, I am
Just as happy as a clam.

DayPoems Poem No. 2800
<a href=""> by Timothy Bovee</a>

The DayPoems Poetry Collection,
Timothy Bovee, editor

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