Serenity of a Buddha

By Madan G. Gandhi

21st Century

Players glued to the game
conforming to regulative norms
alone can sift apart
the true from false.

The mystic core in atom,
immune to fission,
the state of zen
shunyata in trance.

The thousand petals radiate
a million billion megawatts of light
suffused by ceaseless nectar rain
when bliss of silence descends.

The upward flow of light beam,
clears all obstructions,
the ineffable elation
signals the ultimate transformation.

The ecstasy of union,
the bliss of consummation,
the illumination of self-realization,
attend annihilation of ego-self.

All enlightenment
serenity of a Buddha,
comes from contentment,
mastery over passions.

Mind, senses, heart and will,
freed from the illusion's wheel
blaze the path celestial,
of the Centre Still.

Having materialized the proto-elements:
Earth, water, air, fire, ether,
carefree He abides in mystical Void,
the home of eternal Zen.

DayPoems Poem No. 2771
<a href="">Serenity of a Buddha by Madan G. Gandhi</a>

The DayPoems Poetry Collection,
Timothy Bovee, editor

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